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Sneak Peak - allsenses.yoga products

Hi Friends and Yogis,

I’ve been working very hard these past weeks to create and improve the formulas of my products. That meant a lot of long nights, working quietly to not wake up my kiddos and not a lot of zzzzzzz for me… J

So, I am super excited to give you a first sneak peek from what I will bring to the yoga studio (Inspire Yoga Grapevine) later today.

My all-time favorites are the Shower Bars. I make them with a blend of six essential oils that I’ve created to get a Spa feeling in the shower. They not only relax the muscles but also calm the mind and uplift the mood.

I just love to use them in the shower, covering myself in lathering foam from head to toe and then just close my eyes and take deep breaths. It’s a great start into my day or a great way to wash off my day before going to bed.

But careful – you might not want to get out of the shower anymore.

The product that is always in my purse, wherever I go, is the Yoga Mat Spray. It’s not “only” a Yoga Mat Cleaner but also effective and gentle enough to use as a hand sanitiz

er. And you can use it as a Room Spray to eliminate odors and bacteria in the air (great for flu season!!!) and at the same time enjoy the refreshing and calming properties of the essential oils.

Last but not least I will bring my AROMATHERAPY candles. The luxurious candles are scented with 15 ml pure essential oils to unwind, refresh and relax. Just light the candle and enjoy!

And as always, the best about my products and my promise to you. There is NO BAD STUFF in my products ever! Only natural and the best quality ingredients. Nothing that I would not use myself or for my family and friends.

(972) 363-3034

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