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Oil of the Month September. COPAIBA

Copaiba essential oil is an flavorful, richly scented healing essential oil sourced from the Copaiba tree in the Amazon rain forests of South America.It has been used in traditional medicine for many purposes, including as an anti-inflammatory and to help with wound healing.

  • Botanical Name: Copaifera Langsdorfii

  • Plant Part: Balsam

  • Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled

  • Country of Origin: Brazil

Some Benefits of Copaiba Essential Oil

  • Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory substances, Copaiba aids in reducing pain and swelling in joints and muscles and promotes circulation.

  • Contains many micronutrients and helps with digestive problems like digestive infections, slow digestion or upset stomach

  • One of the safest oils to use on the skin. Healing irritation and treating chronic skin diseases. Speeds up wound healing, fighting germs and bacteria.

  • Natural antibiotic against gram-positive bacteria

  • Helps with migraine headaches

  • In some research and medicine circles, Copaiba essential oil is being favorably compared to Cannabidiol oil (CBD oil) for its therapeutic, medicinal and healing properties.

Copaiba essential Oil can be diffused, used topically and taken internally.

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